On Benefits of Arima Hot Springs

Quality of Arima Hot Springs

Arima is the oldest spa area in Japan. Arima hot springs are natural ones that have been used since ancient times when people had no skills of digging in the ground. Presently the digging skills are highly-developed, however, they are also providing us with hot water full of natural blessings or active ingredients from near the surface (within 300 meters in depth) in the earth.

Arima hot springs are rare worldwide ones containing lots of minerals and natural ingredients.  There are 7 ingredients, except sulfur spring and acid spring, out of 9 main ingredients (simple hot spring water, carbon dioxide spring water, hydrogen carbonate spring water, chloride water, sulfate water, ferruginous water, sulfur water, acid water, and radioactive water) designated as ones to be included for medical treatment.

Tenjin hot spring
Gokuraku hot spring
carbonated hot spring
Gosho hot spring
Ariake hot spring
Uwanari hot spring
Taikou hot spring(a place for drinking spring water)

The benefits each hot spring provides and the ailments it relieves

Kinsen(Strongly basic ferruginous sodium chloride spring of a high temperature)
1 This is effective for excessive sensitivity to cold, back problem, muscle & joint pain, distal hematogenous disorder, etc.
This spring water keeps the skin moisturized because its salt makes a thin film over the skin. In addition, it contains plenty of meta-silicate which makes the skin milder and keeps the body warm for a longer time.
2 This is effective for infectious skin affection and chronic eczema.
This has an antiseptic property.
3 This is effective for every kind of allergic skin affection, chronic eczema, hives, wounds, and burn.
This contains plenty of calcium ions.
~Ailments relieved by this spring water~
Inflammatory or non inflammatory rheumatism, external wound, rehabilitation after an operation, chronic adnexitis, functional infertility, disorder of the autonomic nervous system, psoriasis, etc.
Ginsen (Carbon dioxide spring (Carbonic acid spring))
1 This spring water is effective for high blood pressure, peripheral arterial obliterative disease, functional arterial circulation disorder, functional cardiac disease, etc.
This hot water enlarges the capillary blood vessels and increases the flow of blood.
2 This is effective for appetite improvement.
Drinking this spring water stimulates the secretion of gastric juices.
~Ailments relieved by this spring water~
High blood pressure, peripheral arterial obliterative disease, functional arterial circulation disorder, persistent wound, localized circulation disorder of the arms and legs
Ginsen (Radioactive spring (Radon spring)
Spring gas goes through the whole body by inhalation and improves your natural healing power.
~Ailments relieved by this spring water~
Myotonic spine disease, degenerative joint disease, chronic multiple joint disease, degenerative spine disease, chronic gout, joint and muscle rheumatism, mild peripheral arterial circulation disorder, menopausal discomfort, bronchial asthma, etc.

One-day trip to Arima Onsen

There are two public bathhouses (Sotoyu), Kin-no-yu and Gin-no-yu, which are available for one-day trips. A free hot spring for your feet (Ashiyu) is beside the Kin-no-yu.

Information on one-day trip to hot springs

Telephone No.
Hours open
Admission fee
Ope-naiir spa
Kadonobou 81-78-904-0771 11:00~14:30 1000yen Not available on the previous day of a holiday.
Taketoritei Annex Kouki 81-78-903-0221 10:00~18:00 1000yen Closed every Tuesday.
Okunobou 81-78-904-0035 11:30~20:00 1000yen   Not available on the previous day of a holiday, Wednesday.
Kamioobou 81-78-904-0531 15:00~18:00 1000yen     Not available on the previous day of a holiday.
Negiya Ryoufukaku  81-78-904-0675 12:00~15:00
1000yen   Not available on Friday.
Tosen Goshobou  81-78-904-0551 11:00~18:00 1575yen     Not available on the previous day of a holiday.
Miyuki-so Hanabusubi 81-78-904-0166 12:00~21:00 1500yen  
Arima Gyoen 81-78-904-3737 11:00~14:00 1000yen   Closed on Thursday.
Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu 81-78-904-2291 10:00~23:00 Adults:2400yen
(public bath)
81-78-904-0680 8:00~22:00
(Not admitted after 21:30)
Adults:650yen Schoolchildren :
    Closed on the second and the fourth Tuesdays.
(public bath)
81-78-904-0256 9:00~21:00
(Not admitted before 20:30)
Adults:550yen Schoolchildren :
    Closed on the first and the third Tuesdays.

Please contact each facility for more detailed information.

Information on spa and meals for one-day trip

Facilities Hours open Meals and Prices Open-aiir spa Par-king
Arima Grand Hotel
Common tickets 11:00~21:00
(Last call: day time 14:00 night time 17:00~20:00)
Soushunfu  11:30~15:30
(Last call: 13:00 )
By reservation only (*Japanese dishes need reservations beforethe visiting  day.)
Bathing(1F)+Common tickets available inside the hotel (Tickets worth 2000yen)
Bathing(9F Observatory Bath)+ Dishes(Japanese, Western, & Chinese)
Tosen Goshobou
(Last call: day time 14:00 night time 17:30~19:30)
day time:Tsurube-Soba(buckwheat noodles)-Zen 2940yen Kuromame(black beans)-Yudoufu(boiled bean curd)-Set 3675yen Lunch 3675yen
Tenshin ( Japanese lunch ) 4725yen
night time: Kaiseki 6000yen, 8000yen, 10000yen Kaiseki of Steak 12000yen
*Special bathing fee1575yen
(Last call: 13:30)
(Reservations are accepted till 10 am on the day.)
Sai+Bathing 3650yen  On+Bathing 5750yen
(Last call: 13:00)
Kosen Lunch+Bathing5250yen
Kaiseki + Bathing 6825yen
(Last call: 19:30)
Shojin Ryori( Vegetarian dish )(At Japanese restaurant “Keigetsu”)
5250yen,6825yen,9975yen(including bathing fee)
Nakanobou Zui-en
(Last call: 14:30)
At a private room(not including meals)
Weekdays 6112yen Holidays 7320yen
You can have dishes freely at Inano in the building.
Tenshin 2415yen Teishoku(a set lunch ) 2940yen ~Kaiseki5250yen~
Miyuki-so Hanamusubi
(Last call: 14:00)
(Reservations are accepted till 10 am on the day.)
Lunch+Bathing 5250yen
Negiya Ryofukaku
(Last call: 13:00)
(Reservations are accepted till 10 am on the day.)
*Not available on Friday
Lunch+Bathing 4350yen
Kaiseki+Bathing 6450yen
Ginsuiso Annex Chouraku
(Last call: 13:00)
Kaiseki of seasons5250yen
*Special bathing fee
1000yen(1 place) or 1800yen(2 places)
(Last call: 20:00)
Kunugizen+Bathing 5775yen
Kaiseki of seasons 5000yen
(Last call: 12:00)
*Reservations are accepted till noon of the previous day.
Teishoku(a set Lunch)
(Raw fish、grilled chicken、Kamameshi (rice, meat, and vegetables boiled together in a small pot)、Chawan-mushi (a custard-like dish containing shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.),etc.
3150yen*An extra room is available to more than 2 people.

Please contact each facility for more detailed information.

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