Souvenir & Folk Crafts

Name Telephone number
Arima Cracker Honpo 81-78-904-0481
Izumidou  81-78-904-0206
Kawakami Shop 81-78-904-0153
Kirakuya 81-78-904-2818
Surugaya 81-78-904-0296
Bamboo craft shop Arima basket-Kutsuwa 81-78-904-0364
Nishida Arima writing brush Honpo 81-78-904-0761
Hyotando 81-78-904-0005
Mitumori Honpo 81-78-904-0101
Yunosato Honpo 81-78-904-0214
Yoshitakaya 81-78-904-0154
Name Telephone number
Wakasaya 81-78-904-0028
Arima Sennariya 81-78-904-0575
Kamiya Shop 81-78-904-0158
Kyoto Takara Sweet 81-78-903-5108
Shintetsu Tourist 81-78-904-3079
Daikokuya 81-78-904-0200
Tomitaya ( Sanda meat shop ) 81-78-904-0422
Hiranoya Honpo 81-78-904-0601
Maezawa Liquor Shop 81-78-904-0025
Yanagiya 81-78-904-0649
Yunohanadou Honpo 81-78-904-0673
Yoshimi Shop 81-78-904-0435

Traditional Souvenirs

Arima Basket

It is said that Kennyo-shounin gifted an Arima Basket to Nene as an Arima souvenir. The Basket is also a Bamboo craft which Sennorikyu visiting Arima with Taikou Hideyoshi ordered to make as one of his tea ceremony’s tools. Now most tea ceremony participants order the basket.

At the front of an “Arima basket Kutsuwa”, you can enjoy the shop owner’s elaborate knitted design from soft bamboo.

Arima Writing Brush

We have a legend that the Emperor Koutoku and his wife in Asuka era (593-709) could have a prince after taking the Arima spa and they named their baby Arima prince. It is said that the Arima writing brush was a memorial item to be inspired by the happy birth. When you lift the writing brush, a doll’s head pops up. The interesting trick and beautiful holder attracts you every time. Bright thread makes the “Yamochi” and “Ichimatsu” pattern. Some people use it as one of ornaments for the Girl’s festival on March 3rd.

Arima’s Special food

Tansan Senbei ( Carbonated cracker)

It is said that carbonated water gushing out in Arima gave a hint to make Tansan Senbei in 1907.

Though the taste is really simple mixed with wheat flour and the carbonated water and tasted of sugar and salt, only the professional confectioner can provide the same great taste coping with changeable temperature and humidity.

Matsutake Konbu (Japanese mushroom and sea weeds)

We have continued the same traditional way to make Matsutake konbu (Japanese mushroom and sea weeds boiled down with soy sauce) since Muromachi era (1336-1573). To take a long time to boil and season it with soy sauce, liquor, mirin (sweet sake for seasoning) and sugar brings out the great deliciousness.
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